Payment Methods

Bank Transfer

A bank is a banking operation that allows the transfer of funds by a natural or legal person (originator) to another (Beneficiary). The transfer of funds can take place by debiting and crediting the respective accounts, or cash, that is, presenting the cash consideration to the bank that originates the payment or withdrawing cash consideration at the receiving bank. Please specify in the bank transfer clause in your order number. Our bank details will be shown during the purchase, until you choose the payment method “transfer”.


Postepay is a prepaid debit card, marketed by the Italian Post Office, rechargeable used anywhere in Italy (ATM and POS of Postamat circuits and Visa Electron) and abroad (ATM and POS VISA Electron), on the internet (on sites that accept VISA Electron cards and also VISA) and Italians in all post offices, through Postamat circuits, and VISA Electron. It does not require the opening of a bank account and can be recharged at the post office, the ATM of the Italian Post, charging the amount even on Maestro cards or via the Italian Post Office website.


PayPal is a payment instrument used in e-commerce, through which you can make transactions at many reputable online stores. By registering for free ( will open a personal account (leaning to another bank account, credit card or debit card, as accepted), after which you can make or receive payments. Use of this medium for purchases on the Internet offers the opportunity to act without having to dispense in any way your data, or your credit card numbers. Payments can then be carried out via your Paypal account, Postepay, credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard, as well as prepaid cards belonging to the Visa Electron circuit (Kalibra, Vodafone Cash Card and the like). Sending money is free and after which the customer receives an email that confirms the payment made. On the contrary, the reception (that is, the is instead subject to rates, but this certainly does not interest to you.