Production of doors and windows with an exclusive and elegant design and a high level of quality, all Made in Italy.

BGS Arredamenti is an Italian company that deals with online sales of italian PVC window frames. If you are also of the idea of ​​choosing quality rather than quantity, and looking for furniture made in Italy, we will find the best PVC window frames for you.

Let us know what type of frames you need, communicating to the action and the size you need and we’ll we will give an answer quickly.

BGS Arredamenti makes use of the best Italian companies which, in addition to quality, guarantee environmental sustainability and full technical compliance with the UNI EN 12608 and UNI EN 14351-1 standards, the reuse of all production waste and the recycling of all windows recovered at end of their life cycle.

The NURITH company, produces of doors and windows in high-PVC insulation and eco-friendly can respond to the new demands of optimal inmaniera energy savings and economic and environmental sustainability policies. The NURITH windows PVC are produced in a plant dedicated to over 17,000 square meters and are the result dicostanti investments in R & amp; Development and advanced production techniques that enabled eliminareelementi harmful to the environment, replaced with eco-friendly materials. The windows of the NURITH line 100% recyclable PVC during disposal and can boast the prestigiosacertificazione VOC class A + attesting to the absence of volatile organic compounds, harmful to humans. The windows of the line in the NURITH PVC provide excellent insulating performance and significant energy savings, with additional positive effects on the environment.
57% of the PVC polymer consists of salt and is considered a safe and inert material.

A solution for all your needs for PVC windows and PVC French doors.


YOUNG range the essential nature of a simple and elegant product
DOMUS range it adds the very best that technology and innovation allow in the field of PVC windows to simplicity
PR1MA range it represents our idea of today’s luxury
Vision 2020 range it offers a practical and essential solution for the replacement of old alluminium or wood windows, respecting the aesthetic requirements of apartment buildings in all shapes and colours.
MD/76 range born as a solution to improving acoustic insulation.